Rako Bridges link wireless and Rako wired systems and provide additional functionality such as Smartphone control. They are the building blocks of ‘Combined’ Rako systems. Adding the TCM module to either wireless or wired Bridges enables astronomic time clock events, automated macros, conditional logic and holiday simulation. Adding the ACM module enables control of a select number of multiroom audio systems over ethernet.


Combined control

Modular 50 x 50mm design of the wall-plate module, allows both lighting, window treatment or third-party controls to be combined on the same plate. The example shown is the RCM070 and the Nuvo OLED UK Style Controller, fitted within a standard double gang euro cover plate.


Third Party systems

WRA-232: Bi-directional communication with third-party systems using an RS232 serial connection or via TCP/IP over ethernet.

The ideal interface when control to and from audio-visual systems is required.

An additional function of the WRA-232 is ‘custom strings’. The WRA-232 can be configured to transmit ASCII commands over RS232 or TCP/ IP, triggered from any Rako controller. Examples include AV Receivers, heating controllers, security systems and multiroom audio systems. 

For Technical instructions on accessing our bridge please see Accessing The Rako Bridge.pdf