Control Modules

Rako offers dimmer and switching controls for all load types, both rack-mounted and individual modules with wired and wireless control formats. Rako has controls for the many light sources now available, incandescent, low voltage, LEDs, colour changers, cold cathode, fluorescent and non-dimmed loads. Wireless modules simply wire in-line with the lighting circuit and can be located in ceiling voids and fitted through a standard down-light cut out. Modules can also be wired in-line and plugged into your nearest socket. For larger installations or when centralising wiring, Rako’s rack option can be either wired or wireless. RAK-4 packs can be linked to create multi-channel stacks. Each stack requires a network connection, either wireless (Rx-Link) or wired (RAK-Link) which can be mounted anywhere in the building. Bridge modules allow wired and wireless networks to be combined. Mulitiple stacks can be used together and will integrate seamlessly with Rako’s existing range of wired or wireless modules and accessories.


4 Channel trailing edge dimming rack for tungsten & halogen.

The RAK-4T hybrid dimmer rack for tungsten, low voltage halogen and other trailing edge dimmable loads

4 x 5A Channel dimming rack leading edge.

The RAK-4L hybrid dimmer rack for tungsten, low voltage halogen and other leading edge dimmable loads

4 Channel dimming rack for fluorescent and switched loads.

The RAK-4 hybrid dimmer rack for 0-10v, DSI and DALI dimmable lighting loads

4 Channel, twin relay curtain and blind rack.

The RAK-4R is a 4 channel volt-free contact closure to RF interface to convert relay and PIR signals to Rakom RF

RAK Link

Wired connection unit for use with RAK-4 systems, complete with power supply for wired CAT-5 panels, controls up to 8 x RAK-4 (32 channels)


Wired 15 channel DMX controller for DMX controlled LED and other DMX light fixtures.


The WSRDALI is a Rako wired system control module giving control of up to 15 addressable channels of DALI controllable fittings in a single Rako Room.